Lauren Klinefelter

Lauren Klinefelter is the Director of Application Development at The Institutes in Malvern, PA. She also owns and runs a consulting firm, Lauren Woodward - Consulting LLC., and provides consulting and web development services to select companies in the Philadelphia and New York areas.

Lauren is a local Philly native and MSIS graduate of Drexel University. She has been working in technology for over 10+ years in various industries including small business, higher education and corporate pharmaceutical.

Lauren is a teacher and volunteer, teaching frontend development courses as well as courses on hosting. She taught classes at AIGA’s Philadelphia Chapter on responsive design/development, presented at UArts on Web Life and Community and lead a panel for Penn LPS Coding Boot Camp for graduates of the program. She also has a strong background in support services as well as systems/server administration, a focus earlier in her career. In her spare time she works on freelance web projects, enjoys participating in local tech meetup scene in Philly, loves music and travel.

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Lauren Woodward - Consulting LLC. - Sample Projects and Work

SigmaPharm Laboratories

Designer: Tim Beitz

Developer: Lauren Klinefelter and Savanah Steigen

Project Manager: Lauren Klinefelter

Description: SigmaPharm Laboratories was looking for a new web experience. Their previous website was quite old and provided no administrative interface in which to manage content. In working with the SigmaPharm team, a designer and a second developer, the site was built to the client's specifications. Built on Drupal 8 and hosted on Pantheon.

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Art Unleashed

Designer: P'unk Ave

Developer: The University of the Arts, Lauren Woodward

Description: Now entering its 7th year, Art Unleashed has raised over $1,800,000 for the Sam S. McKeel Promising Young Artists Scholarship Fund, which has helped over 1,000 students attend the University of the Arts since 2010.

In 2013, P'unk Ave was hired by the University of the Arts to create the design for the event site. OTIS Web Services Manager, Lauren Woodward, was the developer assigned to build the site. Site architecture, site functionality, CMS decision and programming done by Lauren Woodward. Besides the front facing design P’unk Ave created, Lauren added additional functionality to the site. Lauren developed the site to include a multipage form allowing artists to submit one or many pieces of artwork. After a successful submission the artwork then auto-displays in the online gallery. The site allows an artist to log back in and review their submission, make changes if necessary. The site also allows the curators and those monitoring artist submissions to log in, edit submissions, export all submissions on the site to excel for easy sorting and management of submissions. Built on Drupal 7.

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Designer: Seigel+Gale

Developer: NorthPoint Solutions, Lauren Woodward - The University of the Arts, Duran Goodyear - Alphex Solutions

Description: is the main website of the The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Originally designed and built in 2010-2011, it has gone through many iterations and changes. The site was first designed by Seigel+Gale and developed by NorthPoint Solutions working with the university.

As Manager of Web Services at the University of the Arts Lauren Woodward's role supporting is managing and maintaining our professional hosting contract, site maintenance, security updates, adding/editing site features and functionality, development work and supporting the University's content managers and constituents. Most recently Lauren was project manager of a responsive design/development project. needed responsive changes. UArts Web Services brought in an outside vendor to get the project completed to meet a deadline. Lauren was a secondary developer on the project and also the sole project manager. The project met deadlines and was under budget.

Elimiwait Parking

Designer: Nicole Sano

Developer: Lauren Woodward

Description: Elimiwait Parking was running two separate sites and were starting to grow as a company. They wanted to consolidate to a single site, build a responsive site, use a CMS for easy content editing and showcase their services using strong images. Built on Drupal 7.

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Drexel University

Designer: Drexel University, Office of Communications

Developer: Lauren Woodward

Description: The Drexel Collection is a collection of valuable art and artifacts collected by Drexel University since the late 1800's. For this project, a semi-permanent display was to be hosted on campus showcasing certain artifacts. Students, faculty, staff viewing the display would have the opportunity to play interactive quizzes related to the artifacts. Drexel University embedded iPads into fixed kiosks at each of the display cases being showcased. The quizzes needed to be interactive, needed to be hosted locally on iPads, load two separate interactive quiz, calculate a total score and present the user with a final total and play again option. Quizzes were built with HTML, CSS, JS.

Art Star Craft Bazaar

Designer: Art Star

Developer: Lauren Woodward

Description: Art Star is a local gallery and boutique located in the Northern Liberties neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA. Art Star needed a new site for their hugely popular series of bazaars hosted in and around the Philadelphia area. They wanted a Wordpress site, responsive, allowing for conditional logic to show certain content based on location of the bazaar and very easy content editor image handling. Most importantly they wanted to direct all their vendors and bazaar applicants to this site to sign up for and submit applications to bazaars along with payment. Site built with Wordpress. PayPal integration.

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Design Science

Designer: Design Science

Developer: Lauren Woodward

Description: Design Science was in the process of a site redesign and was looking for a developer. They wanted a responsive site, new design/look/feel and wanted to be more in line with competitors. The first iteration of the site was built using Drupal, custom theme, and was developed by Lauren. Due to CMS preferences, within about a year the site was rebuilt using Wordpress, in house. Lauren Woodward Consulting Services continues to provide monthly maintenance and support of the Wordpress site and works with Design Science on many other internal projects. Lauren Woodward has been consulting with Design Science for approximately 4 years and maintains a successful relationship with their IT staff, design staff and company leads. Technology used Drupal / Wordpress on site.

Garden Atrium Homes

Designer: Rachel Paolucci

Developer: Lauren Woodward

Description: Garden Atrium Homes is a community of beautiful and sustainable homes in the Hampton Roads region. Garden Atrium Homes had no website and wanted a responsive, image heavy site, to showcase their product. The site was built on Drupal in 2012.

This Little Birdy Told Me

Designer: This Little Birdy Told Me

Developer: Lauren Woodward

Description: This Little Birdy Told Me is a company formed by two sisters on a mission to improve people's health, provide healthy recipes and blog about personal healthy living experiences. They wanted a site with a blog, recipes page, a place to interact with user comments. This site was built on Drupal.

Teaching and Volunteer Work

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